We present the latest generation measure of reflex – Simflex

The features of the Simflex 3.0:

– 12 – touch simulator supplied by electricity (230 V)

– futurist construction made of satiny stainless steel

–ergonomic shape is perfectly suited to human anatomy

– touch screen, which controls parameters and calculates the scores

– 12 strengthened buttons with LED backlight up to 20 points

– 3 basic types of game play with the infinite possibility of setting parameters for the game

– the ranking game with record save system

– If the contestant wants to change physical parameters he can use ”switch off” option

– test function – competitors can check each other on the same field

– analysis of the results is generated in “real time”

– spectacular machine saver

– authorial software which operates on Linux system

– CE certificate

Why Simflex is used as the machine for professional reflex training?

Many years of work and our experience helped us to build machine that improves reflex, measures and analyses reaction results. Size and location of the buttons are of great importance. The player can learn how to observe more carefully. Strong illumination excludes observation problems. Our team overcame obstacles such as:

– incorrect dimensions which lead to limited time of reaction

– inappropriate lightning of the buttons ( reduction in visibility)

We designed special shape and intensity of the backlight to use Simflex as efficiently as possible.

Description of Simflex’ 3.0 parameters

We used satiny stainless steel in order to create fashionable product and to protect all electrical components. Buttons are placed on two hexagons. These procedure improved contestant’s ergonomic. Simulator is mobile. It is easy to dismantle the rack during the transport.

Touch screen is inserted in the centre of the top part of simulator. The touch screen shows game results and enables to change the settings ( time, amount of buttons, type of game etc.). The display presents game graph, time of reaction, number of mistakesetc.

The existence of buttons is essential. During the game the buttons “count” points. We used 10 centimeter long buttons to ease the targeting. 20 points LED back lighting attracts competitors’ attention. The machine can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Simflex consists of 3 modules:

-time module

-points module.

-the wall game.

Each of module can be configurated in infinite number. The time of illumination is very precise (0,1 sec).

Simflex consists of the league table. Game is standardized (all 12 buttons are used).

Contest lasts 1 minute. After beating a record the result can be saved.

The sport club needs only one Simflex 3.0. The machine consists of 12 buttons, howevereach of them can be deactivated (if there is a contestant need). The machine can be used even by child.

There’s also an option, which enables to check competitors’ reflex at the same level. The system serves the order and sequences.

The graph pictures the current analysis and the quality of the game. The checkup is generated in actual time and visible at the end of each game. The graph is a great basis to the analysis of contestants’ achievements.

Simflex consists of screensavers, which are activated when the machine is not used. The system will illuminate buttons in variety of configurations.

Simflex is based on authorial software system – LINUX. Application is adopted to this system because of its failure-free and easy compatibility.